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The Ares Product

The Ares product is one of a family of programs for peer-to-peer communication and file exchange. By using this program you are able to share and download files with millions of people across the Internet -- without paying for them.

The downloads are free, but this program is not. While the original functionality was developed as free and open source, it has proved to be impractical to maintain and support it without a revenue to cover their costs.

Please be aware that this (or any other) Peer-to-Peer program does not grant you permission to access and use copyrighted files; that permission can only be granted by the copyright owner(s). If you believe that you may have downloaded a file which you are not authorized to access, you are personally responsible to not access it, to remove it from your system, and/or to take any other steps required by the law in the country you are in.


Is This The Best Ares Product?

The Ares you can download from us is believed to be the best Ares you can find: it is guaranteed free of spyware, adware, and viruses; it is the most reliable we have found; and it is priced reasonably.

Please remember that the "free" Ares programs seem to be either unsupported (and often don't work), or contain spyware or adware or viruses which will most likely result in identity theft and/or the crash of your computer!

For these reasons we promote and offer this Ares product.


Ares Software, Inc. and this Web Site

Ares Software, Inc., the owner of this web site, is a software consulting company that sells but does not produce or maintain the "Ares" product. The product is produced and maintained by another company.

This means, quite simply, that we cannot help you with any problems or refund requests related to the Ares product. Please contact their support page for help.


Ares, the Greek god of War

Ares, greek equivalent of the ancient Roman god Mars, is a symbol of physical strength, war, and masculinity. As such it attracts many people (and inspires many company names - see Is this the right Ares?). Our company has nothing to do with war, although we like being associated with strength!

While these traits were considered signs of power by the ancients, Ares was not admired as much as many people think. He appears to enjoy violence for its own sake, and had a tendency to act before thinking. As a God he usually got away with it, but us mere mortals recognize these qualities as harmful -- outside of video games, that is!

Follow these links and judge him for yourself:

Or, run your own Web search! The above list was from a Google search for:     "Greek Mythology" Ares





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