Disclaimers about the Ares Download


We sell Ares download, but it is supported by another company

Ares download, available on our home page, is what we consider the best Ares product available at this time. However, we can't take credit for it: it was developed, and is maintained and supported, by another company.

Just like many other products, you have to go to the manufacturer for support and for returns or refunds.

For support you can click the Support link at the bottom of all our pages.

For returns or refunds you have to look at the email receipt you received when you completed your purchase; it contains all the information you will need to contact the right party.


Watch Out for Licensing Problems

When you get a P2P product, you get the right to exchange files all across the Internet; but you do not get the right to access content that is copyrighted, and for which the copyright owner does not allow free access, and for which you don't have a valid license. This limitation applies to a lot of commercial music and videos; you alone are responsible for making sure you don't violate others' rights.

In other words, this (or any other) Peer-to-Peer program does not grant you permission to access and use copyrighted files; that permission can only be granted by the copyright owner(s). If you believe that you may have downloaded a file which you are not authorized to access, you are personally responsible to not access it, to remove it from your system, and/or to take any other steps required by the law in the country you are in.


About Viruses, Spyware, and Adware

Ares download does not contain any viruses, spyware, or adware. However, it cannot protect you from downloading files that contain viruses, spyware, or adware.

Unless you personally know and trust everyone you share files with, and know their computers are not infected in any way, you should get some program that can protect you from accidentally downloading something that will harm your computer and/or steal your personal information.

There are many products available for your protection, both free and not.





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